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Jeff Burgess BKIN.RMT

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Four Dimension Kinetics is the one stop shop for your movement, rehabilitation and performance needs. My name is Jeff Burgess and I'm a Kinesiologist that has added Massage Therapy to my tool belt.  With 6 years of massage therapy experience, 16 years of strength and conditioning, exercise rehabilitation experience and a nerdy passion for anatomy, I invite you to move your best!

I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage, sport massage, fire cupping, myofascial release, neuromuscular stretching techniques and strength and conditioning // rehabilitation programming 

Lets keep you doing the things you love most!  I am located in Calgary, AB within the community of Edgemont.


Strides ahead of your personal best.

I provide an array of manual therapy treatments tailored to your individual needs. During your initial appointment we will complete a series of assessments to better understand your bodies current state. I use a variety of specialized treatment protocols and techniques to get you moving your best.