Four Dimension Kinetics


60 minute Massage - $95

90 minute Massage - $130

One on One Personal Training - $85/hr

Semi-Private Training (2 or more) - $50/hr

Workout Programming- $85

Rehabilitation Programming - $85

*GST Included*


Massage Therapy 

We tune up your soft tissues and joints to move their best. Reduce pain/ neurological tone, and flush metabolic waste. 


Massage Therapy/ Training/ Rehabilitation Combination

2-4x/week, a prescribed training protocol and massage therapy schedule used to tackle injury and or performance goals. (Purchased in 4 week Marco cycle increments. (volume discount applied).


Performance Pre/ Post Massage 

We tweak your massage to ensure your best performance for race day and or assist you through recovering from post race delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS). 


Thai Sport Hybrid

Floor mat treatment where we stretch and massage tissues. (Bring active clothes)


Training and Rehabilitation Programming

Need a new program? Break the cycle of dysfunction and inflammation with rehabilitation exercise programming. 


One on One Personal Training/ Exercise Therapy

Develop your compound moments so life movements get easier. 


Semi Private/ Group Training

Bring a friend, motivate each other, split the cost of the session. 


Pre/Post Natal/ Pregnancy Massage

You're growing a human, lets maintain your body too!


Pelvic Floor Exercise Therapy

Move fully aware of your core. Decrease incontinence, low back pain, while increasing your cores strength.   


Recovery Mapping

Exercise consulting, education on what massage/ recovery patterns are needed to achieve your personal best without the "hiccups" of training cycles.