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Jeff Burgess BKin.RMT

Jeff Burgess was born and raised in Calgary where he graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Kinesiology, majoring in pedagogy and coaching. Jeff spent the majority of his time training at the U of C gym where he was scouted by Bobsleigh Canada.  In 2006 he was invited onto the Canadian National Bobsleigh team, where he raced in the Europa Cup circuit and the 2006/07 Junior World Championships. 

"I'd say I was fortunate to have been exposed to numerous sports through my life. I have experience in track and field, soccer, baseball, hockey, trampoline and tumbling, scuba diving, skydiving, bobsleigh, and olympic lifting."

Jeff's knowledge of the body's anatomy during movement is unparalleled. Over the past decade Jeff has worked as a strength conditioning coach, and exercise therapist. With passion for biomechanics and penultimate movement protocols, Jeff has continued his education and completed the 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma at Mount Royal University with honors. Jeff enjoys working with a broad range of individuals, varying degrees of injury, phases of rehabilitation and performance therapy. Jeff also has  experience working with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) as an exercise therapist. 


Experience you can trust. A personal touch. 

Having Canadian national team experience, Jeff has received hundreds of manual therapy treatments from some of Canada's leading Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors. He has pushed his body in training and sport just like you and understands the stresses your body takes on first hand. With sport, often follows injury, and it is unfortunately a line we often flirt with while seeking our bodies 100% maximal performance. Jeff has developed specific protocols for injuries and manual treatments to get you to move and perform your best. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a local active-living enthusiast, expect to receive a world class treatment like no other.      

Jeff works with high performance athletes to achieve olympic record breaking bobsleigh push starts, Spartan athletes that stand tall on international podiums of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), as well as local recreational movers looking to dominate their goals, competition and rehabilitation needs.


Things don't always go as planned and Jeff is very familiar with the rehabilitation required to get you back to enjoying the movements you love. 

Close to a decade ago Jeff loved to hang out of airplanes over the skydive drop zones of North America. Oops! In an off landing Jeff fractured his right leg.  The break would require reconstructive surgery where a intramedullary titanium rod would be fixated to correct the fracture.

"This injury put me in a very dark space mentally and physically. I knew I had to take the time and dedicate myself to achieving a 100% recovery. It is a journey I can now sympathize with. I had to discover the path to my recovery. Relearning to walk, climb stairs, run, jump, and balance at 30 years old. Who would have thought?"

"6 solid months of exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy... massage, massage, massage and a hardware removal surgery, I found myself stomping backcountry ski jumps and living in the "flow" I had missed so much. Your recovery is only as strong as the team supporting you along the way."

"Pick a joint and associated injury of your body... yes, unfortunately I can say I've probably been there."