Four Dimension Kinetics

Seyi Smith 

2005 Junior Pan American Games

2006 World Junior Champions in Athletics2009 World University Games
2010 Commonwealth Games
2009, 2011 World Championships in Athletics

2012 Olympic Games 4x100m

2017/18 Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Team

"Jeff was instrumental in preparing me for both athletics and bobsleigh training and competition. His diagnostic skills and manual treatment expertise ensured all my muscle imbalances were always addressed before any issues arose. His skills manipulating tissue meant tight muscles were always releasing when they needed to, and were firing when the time came to step on the track."

-Seyi Smith


Faye Stenning 

Professional Obstacle Course Racer


Spartan Team USA

"I’ve been working with Jeff ever since I started obstacle course racing. In our initial time together he helped me rehab numerous lower body injuries and a fairly serve shoulder injury. It wasn’t long before my injuries got better and our priority shifted to performance.

When I was in town I never once competed without seeing Jeff a couple days before for a tune up. His ability to find problem areas and address tightness has been pivotal in my ability to remain at the top of my sport.

As a professional athlete I’ve traveled all over and seen many therapists and I’ve found Jeff’s techniques unmatched. I’d recommend Jeff to anyone just simply looking to feel and move better whether they are an athlete or not."

-Faye Stenning